Advocating for Children is a Focus for Claire Dwoskin

auto immuneMeet a highly committed vaccine safety supporter and child health advocate – Claire Dwoskin. She is leading an international effort to address concerns by parents, scientists, health professionals, academicians and community leaders regarding the increased prevalence of once-rare chronic diseases. Providing research funding to evaluate potential instigators of autoimmune diseases and disabilities in children and neurological diseases in older adults is the focus of Dwoskin Family Foundation, founded by Claire and Albert Dwoskin. They are supporting breakthrough research that could speed the pace of discovery and find solutions to what can only be described as a full-blown but substantially ignored crisis. They are engaged in this vital effort in the belief that finding the cause is the key to prevention, treatment and cure.


Along with the charitable work that stems from her family foundation, she is also the founder of Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, which is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. CMSRI is a scientific and medical collaborative that serves as a funding body for independent, methodologically-sound scientific research on toxic ingredients such as aluminum, mercury and others. With an array of highly professional and experienced researchers on the CMSRI Scientific Advisory Board, the organization has funded numerous studies and research topics resulting in published articles in prominent peer-reviewed journals. This research has supplied novel information on the adverse effects that toxic ingredients can have on cognitive, motor and social behaviors, and how aluminum adjuvants may be the missing link that results in the onset of a multitude of chronic illnesses. These missing links are being established through the analysis of tissues, biomarkers and genes in both animal models and from human post-mortem samples. Through these studies, researchers can evaluate biological and genetic changes that take place after exposure to vaccine ingredients, preparations, combinations and schedules that may be leading to chronic, and in some cases, fatal diseases that could be avoided or prevented.


As a fully vaccinating new parent, Claire did not realize that vaccines were not as rigorously tested and as proven safe as she had believed. After learning that in-depth research on common early life exposures had never been conducted, she began reaching out to scientists and knowledgeable health professionals. She became aware that parents did not have enough scientific information available to them to make fully informed decisions about vaccines.  Knowing that each child is precious and deserving of the most advanced and thorough science on vaccines, she began to organize leaders in the scientific community to develop a strategic research approach, one that is supported by primary literature and valid scientific methods. Despite much resistance from the mainstream media to properly address and investigate this burgeoning crisis, public awareness is growing, and this research is gaining attention here in the US and around the world. CMSRI and Dwoskin Foundation funded research has been evaluated by health committees in France and Japan and has had an impact on vaccine policies.


Advancing the science on children’s health is only one of the many active contributions that Claire has been involved in. In addition, she holds many memberships and ties to various boards and organizations. She is a member on the Board of Visitors at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia; a volunteer board member at the National Vaccine Information Center; the co-founder of the Vaccine Safety Conference and has co-chaired the International Symposia on Vaccines at the International Autoimmunity Congresses held in Spain and France. She has been actively involved in historic preservation, the arts, and community, state and national politics.


Her efforts led to her being awarded the AESKU Award for a Lifetime Contribution to Autoimmunity in 2014. The award identifies individuals who’ve contributed in very significant ways in the field of autoimmunity. Currently, Claire lives in the state of Virginia with her family and continues to raise awareness about chronic illness through research and philanthropic efforts.

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